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        • 产品名称: GPRS GSM MMS Full HD Digital Hunting Camera Wild Game Camera KeepGuard 860NV
        • Place of Origin: China Shenzhen
        • Brand Name: KeepGuard
        • Certification: CE,ROHS, FCC
        • Model Number: KG860
        • Payment & Shipping Terms:
        • Minimum Order Quantity: 20pcs
        • Price: Negotiable
        • Packaging Details: Gift box, Carton
        • Delivery Time: 3-7 days
        • Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, T/T
        • Supply Ability: 1000pcs per month


        Image Sensor:

        5MP HD Color CMOS

        Display Screen:

        2.4 Inch Color Display

        Image Size:


        Response Time:


        Video Size:


        MMS Function:


             The KeepGuard KG860NV is a cellular trail camera that can send pictures, via cellular signal, to your phone, email (or both).   This is a no glow infrared flash - perfect for any security scenario.
             The KeepGuard KG860NV can send MMS text messages to any personal cell phone that has the capability of receiving MMS messages with any carrier.
             It can work with a GSM/GPRS SIM card and send photos to any network, The camera just has to be setup with the appropriate SIM card. It just requires the GSM/GPRS SIM card in order to do so.
             The KG860NV has proven to be very consistent in picture delivery, in weaker signal areas, than other cellular cameras.  Picture delivery to phone/email is within 60 seconds of the picture being taken.

        1. A. Trail/Game camera for hunting or scouting
           B. Motion-Trigger Camera for Home, Office and Commune
           C. All other In/Outdoor Surveillance where Invasion Evidence
        2. Location
           Forest, Garden, Office, Home and any other place

        GPRS GSM MMS Full HD Digital Hunting Camera Wild Game Camera KeepGuard 860NV
        Quick Facts
        1. 12MP,HD,1080P, Camera+Video
        2. Trigger time<0.7s
        3. GPRS,GSM,MMS
        4. No Glow IR-LEDS
        5. Super bettery life
        6. Waterproof IP 54



        Video Camera

        1280X720; 640X480; 320X240;

        Digital Camera

        Single/Burst Shot;  Color by day, Black& White by night

        Image Size

        12MP(4000X3000), 8MP(3264X2448); 5MP(2592X1944); 3MP(2048X1536);


        f=7.36mm, Auto IR-Cut-Remove (at night)

        LCD Display

        2.0’’inch Color Display

        Response Time

        <0.6 Second

        Shutter Speed

        1/10~1/2000 Second

        Self Time Mode

        PIR Auto

        IR-Flash Mode

        Automatic Synchronization

        External Memory

        SD/MMC Card (Max.32GB)

        Internal Memory





        USB2.0; SD Card Holder; TV Out(NTSC/PAL); DC External;


        Dual color indicating light;   Photosensitive Resistance;  Updating Light

        Power Supply

        8xAA recommended; 4xAA as emergency power

        IR-Flash Range

        20m-25m (30pcs 940nm/850nm IR LEDs)

        PIR Sensitivity


        Trigger Interval

        1~59 sec.;1~60min; Programmable

        Shooting number

        1~3  Programmable

        Video Length


        Timed Scan


        Photo stamp

        Logo, Time, Day, Moon, Temperature;



        Audio Video


        Stand-by Current

        < 0.28mA

        Power Consumption

        < 200mA(+600mA when IR-LED lighted)

        MMS Mode

        Instant/Fixed time

        MMS Function


        Send to Mobile Phone

        1~5 phone number programmable

        Send to email

        1~5 Email address programmable


        Strap;1/4-20 attachment

        Operating Temperature

        -20-60℃(Storage temperature:-30-70℃)

        Operating Humidity


        Security Authentication




            The day pictures from the KeepGuard KG860 are crystal clear. The maximum pixels can reach 12MP. Both color and clarity are exactly.
            Words are cheap though.  Let's show you exactly what we mean.  Check out the duck on the left coming in hard for a landing (click it to enlarge).
            The lighting, clarity and color are exactly what you would want.  This picture perfectly signifies what you get with a KG860.
            We KeepGuard has produced several firmware updates for their cameras that continue to tweak and improve our photos even more.

             The night pictures are surprisingly clear and bright, especially for a no glow trail camera.  You can click on any of the images below to see exactly what we are talking about.
             Do note: When the camera is in GPRS Work mode (sending the pictures to your email or phone), the photo quality will be diminished.

             The 0.7 second trigger of our KG860NV is the fastest trigger time in all of the cellular trail cameras on the market. And it has a very long detection range(20m-25m). It means so much for you, imagine a trail camera that has a slow trigger speed and a short detection range won't work well on a game trail.  By the time a picture is taken, any movement of game may be completely out of the field of view!  What’s more, if you are using a trail camera for security purposes (i.e. trespassers - thieves), you will need a camera with a fast trigger speed and a long detection range to catch the thieves in action (especially if you are using video mode) or before they leave the picture. However, because of the fastest trigger time and a very long detection range, our KG860NV works very perfect in these parts.
             Just as impressive as the huge detection range, the camera can be triggered by any movement of game in a location, detected by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red(PIR)motion sensor, and then take highly quality pictures or Videos clips.
             The detection zone is wider than the field of view, however, when combined with the trigger time (0.7 seconds) the resulting image is a near-perfectly placed object.
             Do note: because of the wide detection zone, this will result in blank images if an animal is milling around just outside the field of view.  This can result in extra charges if you are on a limited text plan.
             This is the best detection circuit from any cellular trail camera.  If it weren't for the below-average trigger time, this would be one of the premier circuits of any camera on the market.

        Security Use
            As valuable as this camera is for wildlife surveillance, it is even more valuable as a security camera. With the added benefit of the flash not being visible to the human eye, this is the ultimate security camera. Put the camera up overlooking your business, watching your house while you are on vacation, on a gate entering or exiting your property and countless other options.
             Within 60 seconds of a person entering the field of view of the camera, you will have a photo of them with both the time, date, moon,temperature and other things stamped on the photo.  Next step is contacting local authorities and prosecuting!

              The KeepGuard Cam consumes very little power (less than 2Motion/Low Battery Indicator0.28mA) in a stand by (surveillance) state.This means it can deliver up to six months stand-by operation time wee device is powered by eight AA alkaline batteries, and up to twelve months utilizing lithium AA batteries.


        stand-by current

        Daytime Current Draw

        Nighttime Current Draw

        <0.28 ma

        <200 ma

        <800 ma

              Operating on 8 AA batteries, this camera will last a long time in the field.  With lithium batteries, you can expect anywhere from 8-12 months in the field.  Alkaline batteries do work in this camera, however, from their low tolerance for cold weather we always use nimh rechargeables or lithium batteries.  Depending on your preference, all three battery types will work.